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1. PROMOTION DESCRIPTION: Arlon Graphics, LLC (“Arlon”) is giving eligible participants an opportunity to obtain a Cashback (“Cashback”) on the purchase of select Arlon products through selected EMEA distributors. These Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) govern any promotion. Any eligible Participant who applies for a Cashback agrees to be bound by these Terms, as interpreted by Arlon, which is running the Cashback program. All decisions of Arlon relating to the Cashback program are final and binding on all Participants. The Cashback promotion period (“Cashback Period”) is July 1, 2020 through August 31, 2020.

2. ELIGIBLE PARTICIPANTS: A Cashback is available to customers who purchase select Arlon products (as defined in Section 3 below) directly through all Arlon’s distributors in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and who submit a form and upload a proof of purchase athttps://crm.arlon.com/cash-back (“Cash Back Site”) pursuant to these Terms (each, a “Participant”).   Spandex UK customers will receive a credit note from Spandex after August 31st for all qualifying purchases within the promotional period. If they have any questions, they can refer to a sales representative.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, no employee of Arlon or its representatives or distributors is eligible to receive a Cashback.  

3. ELIGIBLE PRODUCTS; CASHBACK PERIOD: A Cashback will only be issued for the purchases of the following media which will be regarded as "Eligible Products" for the purposes of this promotion:

Cast Products

The following products will qualify under the Cashback structure for Cast Products

SLX™ Cast Wrap 


DPF 6000XRP 

IllumiNITE Wrap™

Polymeric Product 

Fusion Wrap is a Polymeric Product and will qualify under the rebate structure for Polymeric Product. 

A Cashback will only be issued for Cast Products under the Cashback Structure when purchased in conjunction with at least one of the following overlaminates

Series 3200 Overlaminate (Gloss) 

Series 3270 Overlaminate (Gloss and Matte) 

Series 3220 Overlaminate (Gloss and Matte) 

Series 3210 Overlaminate (Gloss)

Series 3310 Overlaminate (Gloss)

Series 3170 Overlaminate (Gloss)

All casts, polymeric and laminations mentioned above must be 1.22m, 1.37m or 1.52m in width and 45.72m in length. 

The purchase of any of the Cast Products outlined above in conjunction with an Arlon overlaminate constitutes the purchase of a kit (“Kit”). Participant must purchase quantities, widths, and lengths outlined in these Terms. .

4. CASHBACK: The Cashback for the purchase of Eligible Products by a Participant during the Cashback Period is outlined into the below structure (“Cashback Structure”).

Cast Products Cashback Structure

       o      First Kit = €/£/$ 100 Cashback

          o Additional Kits = €/£/$ 50 Cashback per Kit

Polymeric Product Cashback Structure

        o First Kit = €/£/$ 75 Cashback

        o Additional Kits = €/£/$ 50 Cashback per Kit


Participant must purchase Eligible Products as a Kit in the structure outlined in Section 3 above on one invoice/order. Participant cannot purchase Eligible Products individually and then combine individual invoices/orders to satisfy the requirements. Participants may make more than once purchase during the Cashback Period and claim Cashback on those invoices/orders subject to the provisions in Section 5 below. There is no minimum purchase required in order to be able to make a Cashback claim. 

Cashback payment will be provided to Eligible Participant in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) via PayPal. To receive a Cashback, a Participant must purchase Kits constituted from the list of Eligible Products during the Cashback Period, and the Participant must: 


Register for the Cashback online at the Cashback Site (https://crm.arlon.com/cash-back) providing Participants contact information. Registration will not be final until: (i) accepted by the Cashback administrator at Arlon; and (ii) written notice of acceptance is provided to Participant via email; then

Provide an invoice number and date that proves that: (i) the Eligible Products had been purchased,;(ii)  the Eligible Products have been purchased within the Cashback Period; and (iii) the Eligible Products have been purchased from an Arlon EMEA distributor. 

All claims for Cashbacks are verified by Arlon to the distributor involved. A receipt or invoice may only be used a single time for a Cashback. (Please note that packing slips, quotes, and purchase orders will not qualify; visibly altered documents will not be accepted; and trading proof of payment or use of a fictitious name, address, or organization to obtain a Cashback is strictly prohibited and may result in ineligibility for any Arlon Cashback program). 

Any false, incomplete, illegible or unverifiable claims will be rejected. Arlon, in its sole discretion, will determine the validity of any application for a Cashback. A returned Eligible Product will not be eligible for a Cashback, and any attempt to obtain a Cashback for a returned Eligible Product will make the Participant ineligible for any Cashback for any purchase of Eligible Products. All determinations of earned Cashback by Arlon are final and not subject to challenge or dispute by Participant.


Limit ten (10) Cashback payouts per business entity during the Cashback Period. Cashback cannot be transferred or substituted by participant.

Promotion available while stocks last.

6. CASHBACK PAYOUT: Cashback payment will be provided to Eligible Participant in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) via PayPal. The Cashback payment will be made between September 1st, to September 30th 2020. In the event of an incomplete or non-complying submission being received, the Cashback administrator will email Participant to advise of the errors and to clarify the additional information which is required. If the participant responds to the Cashback administrator within seven (7) days of the closing of the Cashback Period, the submission will still be processed however this may delay the timeframe in which the rebate payout is issued. Any responses received after this time will not be processed. 

7. PRIVACY: Any personal information supplied by you will be subject to the privacy policy of Arlon. By entering the Cashback, you grant Arlon permission to share your email address and any other personally identifiable information with the Cashback administrator for purpose of administration and rebate payment fulfillment.

8. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Arlon assumes no responsibility or liability for (a) any incorrect or inaccurate entry information, or for any faulty or failed electronic data transmissions; (b) any unauthorized access to, or theft, destruction or alteration of entries at any point in the operation of this Cashback; (c) any technical malfunction, failure, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or communications line failure, regardless of cause, with regard to any equipment, systems, networks, lines, satellites, servers, camera, computers or providers utilized in any aspect of the operation of the Cashback; (d) inaccessibility or unavailability of any network or wireless service, the Internet or website or any combination thereof; (e) suspended or discontinued Internet, wireless or landline phone service; or (f) any injury or damage to participant's or to any other person’s computer or mobile device which may be related to or resulting from any attempt to participate in the Rebate or download of any materials in the Cashback.

9. ELECTRONIC PAYMENT DISCLAIMER:   A PayPal account is required in order to receive Cashback payment. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, visit  PayPal.com  to create one. It is free to create an account. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with PayPal. By participating via PayPal, participants are also subject to the data policy and terms of use.

10. PROGRAM CANCELLATION, SUSPENSION, OR MODIFICATION: Arlon reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Cashback program with or without notice to the Participants if the Cashback for any or no reason. The decision by Arlon to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the Cashback shall be final in all respects. In the event that the Cashback is canceled, or upon expiration of the Cashback Period, Participants will have up to seven (7) days from the date of cancellation or the expiration of the Cashback Period, whichever is earlier, to redeem earned Cashback. After seven (7) days, all earned cashbacks will be forfeited and will not be issued. In addition, Arlon may immediately terminate this program in the event of force majeure and, in such instance, shall not be required to redeem earned Cashback following such termination.  

11. RULE CHANGES AND INTERPRETATIONS: Arlon reserves the right in its sole discretion to supplement or make changes to these Terms at any time with or without notice. Arlon will interpret these Terms and resolve any disputes, conflicting claims for Cashback, or ambiguities concerning the Terms or the Cashback, and Arlon’s decisions concerning such disputes are final and not subject to challenge.

12. CASHBACK PROGRAM WEBPAGE:  As a condition of eligibility in the Cashback program, Participant agrees to the terms and conditions of the program which are accessible on Arlon’s website at the following link https://crm.arlon.com/cash-back. Participant also acknowledges and agree that all notices and communications concerning the Cashback program, including any cancellation, termination, modification or suspension thereof, shall be posted on Arlon’s website. Participant agrees to monitor the status of the program by accessing the website on a regular basis and acknowledges that all notices may be given by way of the website and agrees not to dispute the validity of any such notice.

13. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE: Participant acknowledges it has not purchased Eligible Products directly from Arlon but instead through a distributor or other reseller. Participant agrees Arlon shall have no liability with respect to the purchase or sale of Eligible Products and all claims, including without limitation, warranty or returns, shall be between Participant and the respective distributor or reseller and agrees to release and indemnify Arlon from any such claim or liability.

14. GOVERNING LAW AND JURISDICTION: These terms, and any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with them, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California. Arlon and the Participant agree that the courts of the State of California shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising or of, or in connection with these Terms.